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Forestry Mulchers

To clear land effectively and efficiently, couple a forestry mulcher to your haulage unit. To do it right, get an FAE mulcher from Petromech. Our partnership gives you access to world-leading patented machines with guaranteed performance to handle even the most difficult situations.

There’s a broad range of mulchers available, each one of which has its own unique strengths. Depending on your landscape, you might want a fixed-teeth rotor, swinging hammers rotor, or even Y-flails. Our range includes machines of the right size and weight to suit your hauling unit, covering tractors from 60 to 390 horse power, skid-steer loaders from 60 to 130 horse power, and special-built prime movers from 80 to 600 horse power. If you run an excavator, we’ve got that covered too, whether it weighs 1.5 or 45 tonnes.

Petromech is your source for FAE mulchers in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Check out the range at the FAE website and talk to us about which rig is right for you.