Proven machinery for Australian industry

Petromech gets it right.

Yes, the equipment that we sell is excellent. We back that up with a whole lot more.

Incorporated in 2006, we have earned our reputation for unparalleled service and support. We’re committed to staying true to that tradition. 

Our pre-sale advice and after-sales support are big factors in the customer satisfaction that keeps our clients coming back. The Petromech maintenance team are experts at the top of their game. Their skill and work ethic are on display at every call-out.

With Petromech, your plant is in capable and experienced hands. 

The right advice: rely on it.

Our in-house support team are professionals with years in the field. They are intimately familiar with the machines they sell and the industries they serve. Their advice is reliable. Their guidance is invaluable. Their word is their bond. 

The right machines: rugged and fit for purpose.

When you deal with industrial machinery, you know it’s got to be tough and reliable. These are serious units that get the job done.

The right brands: for durability and return on investment.

The Petromech promise is qualityreliability and return on investment. And, to keep our clients’ operations running smoothly, we are dedicated to maintenance and timely troubleshooting.


Petromech is proud to be partnered with a selection of world-leading industrial machinery manufacturers, including:

  • GPS Bailers and Shears (Australia & New Zealand)
  • Schutte Buffalo  (Australia & New Zealand)
  • DuraTech (Australia & New Zealand)
  • FAE (Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania)
  • GKD Technik (Australia)
  • Hammel Shredders (Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania
  • Jest Recycling (Australia & New Zealand)
  • Montalbano Recycling (Australia & New Zealand).

We are the experts on everything we stock. We know all the brands. We know each and every machine. We’ve got all of the spare parts too.

As the local representative of our partners, we invite you to ask us anything.