Proven machinery for Australian industry


With industrial strength and multi-purpose versatility, Hammel machines meet the whole gamut of shredding needs. Their modern technology and reliable German engineering produces the ultimate in power and processing. They can recycle anything, from demolitions, pallets, wood and high caloric fuels through to domestic, commercial and industrial waste.

Hammel primary shredders tear through diverse and often difficult raw materials, without the need for pre-treatment. Their secondary shredders are a perfect downstream solution, reducing materials to a consistently sized granulate output. Designed for maximum performance while minimising dust and noise, these are excellent products at the right price. Separation and sorting lines—with magnet stations, advanced screening technology and conveyors—streamline your collected processors into an automated end-to-end solution.

You can view the full range at the Hammel website.

Petromech are your go-to guys for recycling with Hammel shredding technology in Australia’s South and Southeast. We’re also the experts in designing a plant that can handle the range of your inputs and achieve your desired outputs. We can optimise for land-fill or fit-out transfer stations and recycling centres—whatever your needs, get in touch.