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Stump Cutters

Petromech stocks and services FAE’s full range of stump cutters, providing ideal solutions for all stump grinding scenarios.

The low-weight SCH models are belt-driven and highly manoeuvrable, great for smaller jobs—from parks and rights-of-way to backyards blitzing.

The SCH/GT models are designed for big jobs. Plantations and stump rows are a cinch. Save time and money with simple set-up that is only required at the start of the line. From there, stump-to-stump mobility makes for seamless heavy-duty grinding, meaning high-productivity and high-volume.

Equipped with hydraulic slide shift systems and available with multiple tooth options for differing environments, FAE stump cutters accommodate a wide variety of pulling powers, from small 130HP tractors all the way up to 350HP beasts.

Visit the FAE website for full specs, then talk to Petromech about the perfect stump grinding fit for your project.